Personal Growth

Our employees are the essential co-creators of our company and the driving force behind it. That’s why we only offer attractive jobs in our firm- with specialized challenges, opportunities and plenty of room to develop personally and professionally. We are convinced that the prosperity of our enterprise depends on the very best solutions and contributions from all our employees. As such, we require everyone to contribute creativity and commitment to the common success.

In the context of a successful consultation, integrity can not be achieved without expertise. That is why we set a strong focus on basic and advanced training. Promotion of young talent in conjunction with consultation from our founders are close to our heart because we are convinced that the ideas and impulses of the next generation are the capital of tomorrow. We like to practice what we preach.

Work-Life Balance & Diversity

Career or family? At our firm, these go side by side and so you can work for us in various work models.

For us, diversification means enrichment. Clients and employees who are not native German speakers are more than welcome. Our pledge to our employees is to pursue ethical principles in the areas of health, equality and sustainability.

Digital & international

We respond to ever-changing legislation with internal and external basic and advanced training, supported by strong partners when it comes to interdisciplinary issues. By doing so we can rely on a solid network of specialist committees, cooperative national and international offices, chancelleries, banks, insurers and financial advisors.

In this way we take the technical evolution of our industry as a possibility to work more efficiently. We see globalization as a chance for new opportunities.

Passionate Team Spirit

Our motto for successful collaboration: Those who work alone, add up. Those who work together, multiply.

This togetherness and the passion for our work shows in our interaction with our colleagues, our clients and our business partners.

With our professional commitment we bring life and emotion into the world of numbers and articles. Behind every operational indicator we produce lies much hard work: often encountering imponderabilities and risks, but also joy and success. Understanding and attention are more important to us than simply relying on the letter of the law.

Team Events

Coming together is a beginning,
Staying together is progress,
Working together is a success.

Celebrating together is fun!

We have expanded on the legendary quote by Henry Ford: In addition to our daily work, team events outside the office are important to us!

That's why we celebrate a festive event with all members of the firm in the summer - sometimes for a joint public viewing, or we organize our own sports event, or simply a barbecue in relaxed atmosphere.  At the end of the year - or when things get hectic shortly afterwards - we also enjoy ourselves: Our Christmas parties are an event every year! And as the highlight of the year, we organize a joint weekend trip, which is selected and organized by our employees together.

Interest aroused?

If this sounds appealing to you, please feel free to browse through our current job openings or find out about training opportunities at our firm.

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