Tax and law are not always closely connected, but quite often. For this reason, we advise you to optimise your enterprise in both directions. Our consulting services are as diverse as your business. Our main focus lies on the prevention of legal disputes.

The area of legal advice is taken over by RA Clemens Miegel independently in association with ETL Otto, Derr & Kollegen GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft.

Legal Advice

We recommend that you get support in your entrepreneurial decisions as early on as possible.

This particularly applies to signing any type of contract:

  • Whether you want to establish an enterprise,
  • or employ someone,
  • rent offices,
  • or have any other questions in connection with your business.

We advise in legal matters and can represent you in the following areas:

  • Insolvency law
    We can represent you in bankruptcy and settlement proceedings.
  • Contract law
    We compile and review contract documents.
  • Company law
    We inform you about the suitable company structures when you are forming a new enterprise, take one over or convert one.
  • Competition law
  • Liquidation or insolvency
    We also represent you if you plan to or need to discontinue a business activity.
  • Employment law
  • Inheritance law
Our advisory services focus on: Contracts for founding an enterprise, converting an enterprise including articles of association and executive contracts as well as compiling terms and conditions, employment contracts and all other business contracts.
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