Our Core Values

We love solutions and results! We love order and precision!

This could be our slogan but our company’s DNA cannot be reduced to simple formulae. We work with and for people so we prefer working according to principles rather than rules – principles centred around reliability, passion, openness, respect and trust – with heart and mind.

What We Value

The best tax return has no value if it only serves the Revenue Office!

We are aware of our special position of personal trust – it’s telling how often people refer to “my tax consultant” or “my lawyer” the same way they would say “my boss”. We choose to meet this trust with the highest degree of responsibility, integrity and competence – in every moment, on every issue.

Our goal is to be the best possible service provider for our clients: to lead them to tailor-made, sustainable company decisions through our advice and service.

We are always at the service of our clients and employees!

Our employees are the essential co-creators of our company and the driving force behind it. That’s why we only offer attractive jobs in our firm- with specialized challenges, opportunities and plenty of room to develop personally and professionally. We are convinced that the prosperity of our enterprise depends on the very best solutions and contributions from all our employees. As such, we require everyone to contribute creativity and commitment to the common success.

We know that we are successful when our clients are successful.

What's behind it?


Every spoken word is a contract; every agreement is a commitment and we stick to it!

Punctuality and diligence are the prerequisites for this reliability alongside taking the initiative to think for yourself, follow the line of thought and extrapolate it into the future. However long it takes to get it right. This is how we work. Resting on our laurels at the expense of others is not an option for us.


With our professional commitment we bring life and emotion into the world of numbers and articles. Behind every operational indicator we produce lies much hard work: often encountering imponderabilities and risks, but also joy and success. Understanding and attention are more important to us than simply relying on the letter of the law.


Trust engenders trust – this is our motto inside and out.

Trust grows on different levels but can only be earned by adhering to all necessary aspects of reliability, competence, empathy, respect, interest and sincerity. This is our benchmark for success every day.

What does it take?

  • We speak regularly and openly with each other.
  • We say what we mean, mean what we say and do it.
  • We talk with each other honestly – even when it comes to mistakes.
  • We have time for each other.

… and treat things confidentially!

Openness & Clarity

Ingenuity, courage and progress (coupled with many years of experience) is our answer to new challenges. In this way we take the technical evolution of our industry as a possibility to work more efficiently. We see globalization as an opportunity for new opportunities. For us, diversification means enrichment. Clients and employees who are not native German speakers are more than welcome.

We speak in clear language, not technical jargon. We’re always honest and always fair in regard to items or instances that require clarification. Sycophants do not have a chance in our company.


Living and working, thinking and acting are in harmony in our firm. We stand our ground with our standards and beliefs – even when it gets tight.

In the context of a successful consultation, integrity can not be achieved without expertise. That is why we set a strong focus on basic and advanced training. Promotion of young talent in conjunction with consultation from our founders are close to our heart because we are convinced that the ideas and impulses of the next generation are the capital of tomorrow. We like to practice what we preach.


In addition to indispensable specialist expertise, we value social competence. This means a professional manner and a professional appearance alongside perseverance, adaptability, discretion and respect.

We respond to ever-changing legislation with internal and external basic and advanced training, supported by strong partners when it comes to interdisciplinary issues. By doing so we can rely on a solid network of specialist committees, cooperative national and international offices, chancelleries, banks, insurers and financial advisors.

Furthermore, we ensure that the strengths and skills of our employees are matched to their needs, objectives and tasks. In doing so, we promote (and require) accountability, responsibility, problem-solving competence and an eye for the essentials to grow with every task. Every performance counts for the accomplishment of satisfying solutions!


Responsibility is very important to us.

The client is the beating heart of our operation. That’s what we stand for. To meet this responsibility we start every day in full force and with full attention. Responsibility is more than just doing the few necessary tasks and move on but to take the task at hand to completion, first time.

It goes without saying that we fulfill all legal requirements and specifications to the highest possible extent, both internally for our employees and externally for our clients.

Our pledge to our clients is

  • to provide the best possible advice in answer to your queries
  • to be a trustworthy, competent partner in all business related issues
  • to provide the highest level of service and flexibility
  • to set performance as a benchmark for our fee policy – we only charge for the performances we promise and completed services

Our pledge to our employees is

  • to be a reliable employer
  • to pursue ethical principles in the areas of health, equality and sustainability
  • to respond flexibly to individual needs
  • to set performance as a benchmark for remuneration – we only pay for the performances promised and completed services

Our firm advises small and medium-sized enterprises, and therefore we understand our responsibilities as mediators between politics and society. Hence our goal is to achieve sustainable success for our own company and the companies we advise. This also includes a commitment to (and interest in) culture, sport and social issues in many different areas.

With our mission statement, we commit to respectful conduct in and around our work environment. As a responsible company we deal comprehensively with issues of health, safety and the environment. We are conscious and economic with the use of natural resources and raw materials. We strive for a sustainable development of the company that creates long-term added value for clients and employees

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